What You Need to Know About the Roto-Rooter Service

The name roto rooter service Chicago sounds like a service for vehicles. But digging more and you find out it is a plumbing service, not to mention it is a company. You can’t help it but be curious about how it got its name.

All about the roto rooter service Chicago

The name roto rooter is actually referring to the machine invented to get rid of the tree roots that are clogging the drain pipes in the sewers. Not many people can imagine the sewers being invaded by tree roots, but once explained they will be able to understand why it happens.

Roots of the plants are constantly seeking water. And when it gets into contact with water, the more it will grow. Thus when they are located near the sewer pipes, they will invade at the joints. They grow slowly over time without even anyone noticing only until it has already caused problems, such as clogging the pipes. The roto rooter service Chicago is made for this kind of situation. They make use of the roto-rooter machine, with a snake-like cable wherein it goes inside the pipes in the sewers and cuts away the roots. This is also made by restoring the original function of the drainage.

The inspiration for creating the roto rooter device all came from one man back in the 1920s. Samuel Oscar Blanc was frustrated on how he couldn’t fully restore the clogged drain at the apartment his son was staying at. Thus he went to look for a solution to it. By the year 1933, he made a machine meant to clean the sewer using the motor of the washing machine, the wheels from the little red wagon and a 3/8 inches steel cable. The cable comes with sharp blades that are meant to cut the roots from the tree and out of the sewer lines. It eliminated the tedious and very expensive means in digging up the pipes just to clear out the obstructions by hand. The inventor’s wife, Lettie Jensen named his creation the roto rooter.