resin driveways

What problems do we come across with resin driveways?

We always have to pay attention to quality and installation methods, and if we choose unprofessional for installation and the lowest quality material, then numerous problems would arise. In this blog, we are going to let you know about issues that we come across with resin driveways. Although this one is a top priority for residents nowadays and homeowners prefer this because of its attractive appearance and long-lasting features. Check it out complications that we would see in the following section of the blog.

Measuring Right Depth

Usually, we can see the depth maximum from 12mm to 22 mm and less than these measurement resin driveways will have cracks. Resin stones are laid by hand, and there would have slight variation up to 1 mm but not more than this. If we have to find out the depth for the patio, then it would be of 12mm to avoid the traffic effect.

Cracks on resin bound driveways

These things happen when the incorrect mixture is used, and while constructing a path, this would cause cracks in the surface. The main reason for breaks is the incorrect amount of stones in the mixing process. Experts should check out the right proportions that are described by manufacturers for mixing resin stones.  Right amount while mixing is essential and experts need to look into this matter very seriously.

Color finishing issue

Color won’t be affected unless if we know what type of colors for aggregate we are using. The real problem we have to face the final finish look. When resin would be mixed, then it is in beige, and if it will be in the grey or even in black color, then it’s essential to go to the stable resin. It will be a little bit expensive but depends on the consistent color. It creates an aesthetic appearance. While installing Resin bound surfaces in Hertfordshire, I saw especially in my area that experts used to do the installation with great care by ensuring the right finishing technique.


This is important to maintain the consistency with the resin mixture. It must be dust free while delivered. For eliminating dust particles, we should mix this for a minute or a maximum 3 minutes. If it is mixed more than this, then stones would get absorbed in it, and we may have to face streaking or unusual stripes.

White Patch

This is best to lay resin on a sunny day because it takes time to set resin that depends in summers or winter season. While preparing for the stage, this is very important for the surface to be laid on when is dry almost. If there is a chance of rain then its best to postpone the installation. High quality resin bound surfaces in Hertfordshire are installed after considering the best weather condition to avoid white patches.

These are the main problems that we come across while constructing resin driveways. Looking into these issues is imperative. Expert knowledge and experience are required.